Start in Art

This here is where I start recording my progress and process in art. My main goal is to create a short animation.  I will practice each aspect individually on the way as I develop different skills necessary for the final challenge.

But practice has to be in balance with studying. I’ll try to learn from masters by analyzing their works.

Every post must show a some sort of work in progress or a finished piece.

So the first one is a WIP of a digital painting. As the laptop I used didn’t have accurate color values the original has odd colors.











I did some simple color correction. Looks a bit better.(At least in my opinion)




The inspiration was the old Road Runner animation backgrounds. I tried to study painting shadows. Using Krita and limiting myself to only one layer and brush, this is what I managed in a few hours. I like to keep my tools minimal and use what I’ve chosen to the maximum.


This is just the beginning of my journey. Let’s see how far I can make it.


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